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Crime Watch

Neighborhood Watch Program

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The Lakewood Estates neighborhood watch began in late 1995 and has become a highly successful system in which neighbors watch out for each other, and individuals, on their own time and in their own way, patrol the streets.  Caps, t-shirts and car signs are available for anyone who wants to keep up the visibility while walking , exercising the dog, biking or jogging through the area.  Patrollers are also encouraged to keep a close eye on the golf course, as the St. Petersburg Country Club is the center of this neighborhood and its ongoing health is important to sustaining our home values.

There are about 16 cameras placed randomly through the neighborhood, concealed in trees on private property but aimed at the street in the event of a crime such as vandalism or a break-in (both very rare in Lakewood Estates).  The cameras are not monitored but rather are consulted only in the event of an occurrence.  At the Association’s urging, the city placed camera warning signs on all the official Crime Watch signs on our streets, and members can get a similar warning sign for their yards (shown above) upon payment of dues.

This neighborhood has always had a very low crime rate, and with the growth of both the Association and participation by the neighborhood watch volunteers, it will continue to be a safe place to live, play and raise a family.