A great place to live!


By 1902, south St. Petersburg subdivided into plots for sale or development. The area that became Lakewood Estates was owned by Gross and Kreamer. The land was heavily wooded and was crisscrossed by many small streams and ponds with heavy undergrowth of palmettos and sawgrass. As the demand for new homes continued southward, the developers had to clear and drain the land.

The 1920s were booming times for all of Florida especially along the coastal areas. Tourists and new residents wanted recreational facilities. Charles R. Hall along with other developers such as C. Perry Snell began investing in the southern tracts of land. The largest parcel was purchased by Charles Hall. He decided to meet the need for recreation by designing a golf course surrounded by a residential community.

The first golf tournament was held in 1927, and continues to be an annual event. The tournament is the longest running amateur tournament in the United States. Second and third generations of original members still play golf at Lakewood Country Club. For more than 62 years, the Lakewood Country Club has been the golfing home to many of our most prominent citizens. On October 27, 1970, the Club was gutted by fire. A new club building rose from the ashes with a semi-enclosed pool and several tennis courts. In the mid-1960s the streets were paved and the sanitary and stormwater sewers were completed. Lakewood Country Club was renamed St. Petersburg Country Club in 2000.

Lakewood began bridging the racial divide in the mid-1960s. What has happened in our neighborhood since that time is what is regarded on a national level as a successfully integrated neighborhood and an excellent example of how people can learn to accept each other and live together as good friends and neighbors. We are very proud to be an example for all neighborhoods.